Dry Wipes

Product Code: 155-000-001


Dry Wipes


A high performance dry wipe solution specifically endorsed by Glove Box Technology Ltd for the cleaning of glove box windows.

These specialist wipes are particularly suited to polycarbonate windows (which are prone to fine line scratches using standard wipes).

The wipes are also ideal for dry wiping of critical equipment and surfaces common in pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical situations.

Suitable for use in ISO Class 4 (or higher) clean room environments.

Used in conjunction with anti-static foam cleaner, surfaces may be cleaned to prevented further build-up of particulates for extended periods of time.

Available in white single ply quarter fold units packed in quantities of 10 in a sealed polybag, giving immediate access to hygienically protected wipes in the work area.

Each dry wipe is 385mm long x 351mm wide.

The above information is provided in good faith and based upon the experience of Glove Box Technology Limited, however should be taken as a guide only and any application of the product must be risk assessed by the user.


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