Oxygen Meter Model O2-B v2

Product Code 911-100-004


Oxygen Meter Model O2-B v2


Oxygen meter calibrated at 5PPM utilising fully traceable certified calibration gas.

0-10V DC output voltage for operational range of 0-1000 PPM oxygen in inert gas.

Zero & Gain trimmers (for calibration purposes only).

Normal operating temperature ranges is 5C to 40C.

Sensor must not be exposed to vacuum and pressure should not exceed 100mbar.

Sensor is unaffected by exposure to low relative humidity but must not be exposed to liquid condensation.

Acid gases, ozone and chlorine will interfere with the oxygen sensors sensitivity.

Solvent vapours must be filtered through a carbon trap otherwise exposure may inhibit sensor performance.

Requires a 24V DC power supply.

Exposure to extremes of temperature, pressure, or other contamination will have an adverse affect on the performance and life of the sensor.

Oxygen sensor typically requires annual replacement and re-calibration (depending on operational environment).


The Oxygen Meter Model O2-B v2 replaces the discontinued version which was fabricated with an NW25 flange and bulky enclosure assembly.

The new version is identical to the previous unit except the sensor holder now incorporates a standard NW40 pipe fitting (NW40 centering ring seal & clamp included) for simple interface to any glove box with a spare NW40 or NW25 pipe flange or fitting. Two power supply wires and two output wires are all the electrical connections required to integrate the oxygen meter into your existing glove box control system.

An NW40-NW25 adaptor kit including NW25 centering ring seal & clamp is available if required.


Oxygen Meter Model O2-B v2 Reducer Kit


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