Oxygen & Moisture Meters

Oxygen Meter O2-A v2

Oxygen Meter Model O2-A v2

A semi-portable oxygen meter in a plastic enclosure which operates on battery or mains power. More info >>>

Oxygen Meter O2-B v2

Oxygen Meter Model O2-B v2

An oxygen meter designed for simple integration into a glove box system. More info >>>

Oxygen Meter GBT-O2-C

Oxygen Meter Model GBT-O2-C

An oxygen meter in a metal enclosure capable of monitoring two glove box systems. More info >>>

Oxygen & Moisture Meter GBT-H2O-O2-D

Oxygen & Moisture Meter GBT-H2O-O2-D align=

A combination instrument incorporating an oxygen and moisture meter in a metal enclosure. More info >>>


Our oxygen and moisture meters are designed to accurately monitor oxygen and/or moisture levels in inert gas at the normal operational concentration of glove boxes, which is typically below 10 parts per million (ppm).


Should you have a need for custom instrumentation please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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