Refrigeration / Freezer


The Glove Box Technology Ltd designed refrigeration unit operates from ambient temperature down to -35C within an inert gas atmosphere glove box, and is primarily used for the low temperature storage of reactive materials.


Freezer (Door Open)


The door of the freezer utilises similar design concepts to our antechamber doors, whereby the door is mounted on horizontal slides with Teflon bearings and secured with a lever latch. (Some competitor freezers with hinge doors intrude 550mm into the glove box workspace).

The freezer is divided into three equal drawer compartments 15cm wide x 8cm deep x 30cm long (3.6 litres for each draw upto a total of 10.8 litres) and fronted by an insulation panel to maximise temperature retention.

Drawers slide on telescopic runners for maximum extension and operator access.

An optional two drawer configuration is available at the same price.


Freezer (Door Open)


The plated copper freezer compartment incorporates an external cooling coil thermally bonded to five sides of the chamber to ensure an even temperature distribution. The freezer compartment insulation is hermetically sealed from the glove box to both prevent ingress of chemicals onto the insulation and improve efficiency of the glove box containment.

The freezer is usually integrated into a PLC system incorporating a colour touch screen which displays temperature readings and offers a menu of user functions to set operational temperature limits and record temperature levels over a seven day period. Any abnormal temperature rise (such as a door inadvertently left ajar for an extended period) will initiate an alarm. Where ultra-sensitive materials are in storage, no volt contacts are provided for remote low temperature alarm monitoring.

An all stainless steel and thermo-plastic construction ensures easy maintenance and durability, with the freezer unit achieving a rapid temperature drop down to -35C in less than an hour.

The freezer compressor is neatly installed within an enclosure mounted above the freezer compartment.


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