Anti-Static Foam Cleaner

Product Code: 156-000-001


Anti-Static Foam Cleaner


Highly efficient biodegradable hard surface foam cleanser dispensed from a 100% ozone friendly aerosol can.

Powerful anti-static properties removes static charge reducing dust attraction and preventing further build-up of static for long periods. Specially developed for use on plastics, metal, glass and synthetic surfaces, and is free of CFC solvents and propellants.

The product is an aqueous liquid surfactant and detergent intended to be sprayed onto the surface of materials to be treated, then with a wipe removing surface and ingrained contamination. Additionally, glass lenses treated with the product will remain mist-free for long periods.

Used by Glove Box Technology Ltd for the cleaning of glove box windows in conjunction with specialist dry wipes.

Supplied in a 400ml aerosol can.

The above information is provided in good faith and based upon the experience of Glove Box Technology Limited, however should be taken as a guide only and any application of the product must be risk assessed by the user.


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