Butyl Gauntlets


Butyl Gauntlets


Glove Box Technology Limited holds a range of the most popular ambidextrous isolator gauntlets in stock, however please email us for pricing and availability if you require gauntlets of a different material, length, hand sizes, port size or thickness.

Butyl is an elastomer made from isoprene-isobutylene copolymer rubber, offers a low permeability to gas and good resistance to chemical products which permits operations carried out in highly oxidizing environments including active oxygen and free radicals.

Butyl gauntlets are particularly recommended for use with ...

Oxidizing Products





Butyl gauntlets are NOT suitable for handling ...


Aromatic Solvents

Oils and Plasticisers


Product Code

Butyl Gauntlet - Pair (Ambidextrous)


Hand Size 7.5 - Port Size 8" (200mm) - 0.4mm Thick - 800mm Long


Hand Size 9.5 - Port Size 6" (150mm) - 0.6mm Thick - 800mm Long


Hand Size 9.5 - Port Size 8" (200mm) - 0.4mm Thick - 800mm Long



Please phone or email us if you have any questions, require further information or to request a quotation.


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